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Enjoy these great free shooting games.
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Flanders Killer - Help Homer Simpson shoot down Flanders and his annoying family! Watch out for the other Simpson characters that might be walking around town.  

Cannon Defense - Defend the base with your cannon.  

Breakpoint - Shoot some zombie scum!  

Terrorist Hunt - Shoot terrorists just like in Counter Strike!  

Panda Tactical Sniper 2 - Panda is back! It's your job as a tactical sniper to bail him out when he gets himself in trouble.  

Urban Soldier - The urban soldier is in town to take care of business baby! Blast your way through zombies.  

Jetfighter - Save your homeland from the alien invasion in this exciting arcade style shot em up!  

Desert Rifle - Shoot down enemy gunmen while your comrades take out the base!  

Zombie Assault - Shoot down 'bies and defend yourself!  

Boomstick - It's you and your trusty shotgun against a relentless onslaught of insane shapes.  

Hitstick - Shoot down enemy sticks in this arcade style shootout.  

Spitball Warrior - It's time to play BAD!! Choose your Duckie to compete in the ultimate spitball warrior competition!  

Battlefield 2 - Flash Battlefield game.  

Chicken Invaders 2 - Watch what you eat!  

Ocean Range 2 - Sink their battleships  

Parashooter - Parashooter is a simple shooting game whjere you have to shoot the small guys before they shoot you. Tell-A-Friend | Add to Favorites  

Stoneage Assassin: Revenge - You have suffered in great loss, the hunters took your daughter! Now it's time for a revenge...  

Killego - Awesome Lego shooting game.  

Mort The Sniper - Clean up this town with some vigilante justice.  

Foxy Sniper 2 - She's back and she's pissed.  

Sniper Year One - A skill-intensive tactical sniper game.  

Tactical Assassin 2 - Play the role of a sniper through 9 missions. As always, precise timing and marksmanship is key.  

Easter Bunny Invasion - Bunnies have overrun the Earth this Easter. Kill 'em all!  

Bang! Heroes - Shoot 'em up in the wild west, steam punk style!  

Pirate Shootout - Why can't they all be like Captain Jack Sparrow?  

Bulwark 53 - You’ve avoided the war and you wake up safe in Bulwark 53, but before you know it a whole new chaos awaits you!  

Hitstick 2 - No time for diplomacy.  

Hitstick 3 - Select your missions, select your weapons, and try to stay professional.  

Medieval Rampage - Avenge your village but killing enemies, upgrading weapons.  

24 Days In The Mall - Our task is keep the mall safe by killing the zombies that come out at night.  

Bad Moon Rising - A phantasmagoric and dark shooting game. Kill all the vampires and all the living-dead creatures.  

Sniper Assassin 3 - Sniper Assassin is back with new missions!    

Siftheads 2 - Go on sniping missions.  

Stormwinds: The Lost Campaign - Stormwinds the Lost Campaign is the second version of the Stormwinds series.  

Special Ops - Be a special ops fighter and shoot down the enemy.  

Polaris Ride - Hop on a clean off road ATV or a Polaris snow mobile and tear up some terrain!  

Attack of the Alien Space Beetles - Run for cover!  

Dark Base 2 - Fight through swarms of creatures and pick up new weapons as you search for the aliens' hive.  

Plazma Blaster - In Plazma Burst, on our planet impending, scientists invented the time machine, which should send two volunteers with equipment in the past.  

Hover Phoenix - Your mission is to fly the various spacecrafts between each targeted planets and destroy the dangerous asteroids you meet on your journey.  

The Strangers 3 - You will have three weapons at your disposal... show your team that you have what it takes to meet your objectives.  

Red Code 2 - The sequel of the futuristic shooting game is here! Try surviving in a alien world filled with hostile bugs.  

Endless War 4 - Endless War 4 features two campaigns from World War 2, and one from the future war of 2125.  

Cube Colossus - Shoot your way through numerous enemies in a fun space shooter game! Switch targets by pressing the UP arrow.  

Enigmata - An epic space shooting game. Fly through 20 levels with powerful weapons and ships.  

Gangster Pursuit - You are a police man who goes on a massive killing rampage. Use the arrow keys to jump and run and your mouse to aim and shoot!  

Turbo Tanx - Get ready to roll your way through deserts, snowstorms and more in this crazy racing flash game!  

Armored Corps - Shoot your way through 250 waves of enemies.  

Devil House - Can you survive in the Devils House? Shoot and kill all the zombies!  

Sheriff Rage - Save the town of Paradise from the bad guys in a fun, wild west themed, shooting game!  

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