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Shooting Games Free Online Page 3
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Enjoy these great free shooting games.
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Smokin` Barrels - Duel in the wild west!  

Alien Slayer 3D - A 3d action shooter!  

Sniper Assassin - Shoot to kill.  

Sheriff - A strange fruit shooting game.  

Vinnie's Shooting Yard 2 - You act in this game as Vinnie from the Sift Heads serie. You can play with a 9mm, shotgun, shuriken and a M16 Rifle. Have fun shooting around practic  

Zombie Land - Die ... again... you undead fool!  

Planet Smash - Planet Smash is a nice retro shoot em up collect tons of power ups and shoot your way through endless hordes of enemies!  

Sentry Fortress - I told ya not to touch that darn thing!  

Unlimited Zombies - Try to Stop the unlimited waves of zombies. Try to beat the high score ;)  

Counterforce - Aim at the targets.  

Stinger Sniper - Snipe the baddies.  

Clear Vision Elite Edition - The Final Assignment is here. Can you finish off the last of the bad guys and earn retirement?  

Infection - Destroy the infectious slime...cubes.  

DuckNCover - it's like Duckhunt but with more carnage.  

Shooting Star - Take control of the Shooting Star that lives up to its name and survive 50 waves of retro inspired blasting action.  

Cells - Cellular level combat!  

Quick Draw Rangers - Play as a Wild West Rangers in this quick click adventure! With 3 modes, plus a hint menu if you die 20 times, and cool prizes! Have fun!  

Trouble on the Way - Kill your enemies in this funny cowboy game!  

Golden Arrow 3 - The newest update to the best archery sim in flash.  

Zombie Shoot-Out - Shoot the zombies at the Haunted Acres Skeleton Saloon!  

Silent Cursor - A shoot-em-up with a twist. See how good are you when you can't see your crosshair. Shoot the targets that appear before time runs out. Build up comb  

Gringo Bandido - Walk through a few coybow towns and shoot down the enemies. Watch out for the powerful bosses at the end of each level!  

Red Tassled Fighter - A very addicting side-scrolling shooting game.  

13 Days in Hell - You've been sent to hell for all of your Earthly wrong doings and the only way out is to survive all of 13 days in hell!  

Los Simpsons - A simple shooting game with Simpson flair.  

The Last Canopy - Absorb enemy attacks and kill them with it!  

Thing Thing 4 - The next chapter in the Thing-Thing saga!  

Monster Truck Rampage - Race your own Monster Truck and crash everything you see!  

Apple Shooter - Shoot the apple... the APPLE.  

Base Defense 2 - Defend the base!  

Star Ship - Mouse to move, Left_mouse to Shoot, Wheel_mouse to change weapons, same with keyboard 1-6, Space to evade. P - pause.  

Splinter Cell - Shoot to kill.  

Battletank: Desert Mission - Shoot your way through hordes of enemies!  

Army of Destruction Survival - How long can you survive the second attack?  

Happyland Valentine - Use your hearts to shoot all the sad things around you and turn the World into a happy place again .  

Robot Territories - Defend your territory with a giant robot.  

Boxhead: The Zombie Wars - Fight an army of zombies using awesome new weapons -- including automated turrets and air strikes!  

Unloaded - Bang Bang, this is one hard pseudo 3D arcade shooter game. Use WASD or your arrow keys to move and your mouse to aim and shoot your enemies.  

BLACK 3 - The B.L.A.C.K series returns to triumph!  

Santa Sniper - Save Christmas by shooting the scrooges.  

Beach Landing - A defensive game where you are in control of the machine gun and heavy canons on the beach.  

Defend the Flag - Defend the flag!  

Stargates - A top down space shooter.  

Bloody Ground - Fight swarms of creepy enemies. Watch out for the electrified border.  

Small Arms War - Blast your way through tough terrain with an arsenal of weapons such as shotguns and grenades in this stickman shoot 'em up.  

Commando - Shoot to kill.  

Simpleton - Play as a simpleton and own the living-dead. Game features cool physics, great game-play and LOTS of weapons. FUN!  

Horizon of War - One ultimate turret equipped with an arsenal of weaponry against 99,999 invading commies; do you have what it takes to become the world leader?  

Pit Dwellers - The dwellers are loose! Stop them! Grab your laser rifle and keep your nerve as the hellish creatures come screaming out of the borehole!  

Rhythm Blaster - What do you get when you combine a great arcade shooter with rhythm based levels and enemies?  

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We have 520 total shooting games to choose from.

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