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Enjoy these great free shooting games.
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Toon Crisis 2 - Shoot and kill the toons.  

Project Validus: Survival - Gain skills and experience as you fight to survive in a city filled to the brim with the walking dead.  

Retromania - Shoot the enemies while collecting powerups and avoiding certain doom.  

Fish Snipe - Shoot as many fish as possible before your oxygen runs out. Watch out for the elusive bonus fish for extra points.  

Truth Battle - Destroy enemy forces on foot. If you can't, get in a tank!  

Snowman Hunter - Hunt Mr. Frosty in this New Year shooter!  

Power Copter - Destroy enemies from the future!  

Mission Impossible - Your aircraft failed in mid-air and crashed into enemy terroritory. Survive as long as you can.  

Stress Relief Paintball - Shoot the smiley-faces throughout the office building  

Rapid Fire 2 - Highly addictive shooter gets better!  

Snap Attack - Work out some aggression on these office of nitwits and snap them with your super-snap rubber bands!  

Thing Thing Arena 2 - Think you've mastered Thing-Thing Arena? Think again!  

Armed Invasion - Defend your country from an Armed Invasion!  

Boxhead: The Rooms - How long can you survive against the zombie onslaught?  

Munch Madness 1.5 - First Person Shooter meets Pac-Man. Eat all of the cookies and kill as many Trolls as you can before proceeding to the next Sector.  

Deadly Dwarves - Load up your shooter and kill all of the evil dwarfs before they kill you!  

Frogpond - The aim of frogpond is to raise up local frogponds population by assisting them in their daily lives.  

Endless War - Command your platoon in different combat missions against the enemy forces in the WWII campaign and win battles.  

Champion - Your archery skills are the only advantage your clan has over their enemies. Shoot to kill and victory will be yours!  

Wild West Shootout - Live the life of a classic western sheriff.  

Worms - Zombies have taken over the world and it is up to a worm to save the day.  

Hive Hero - Defend your Hive!  

100 Men - Use your MOUSE to aim and LEFT CLICK to shoot. Collect health bonusses and ammo. Use 1(Machinegun)/2(At gun)/3(Grenade launcher) to change weapon, mouse to control.  

Crusader Tank - You need to get to the end of the level by destroying as many enemy units as you can.  

Blackhole Trek - Go on a fun journey across a blackhole somewhere in the universe.  

Cannon Bods - Parachuting Pirates Ahoy! Use you mouse to aim your cannon at the matching pirate. Hold the left mouse button down for more FIREPOWER.  

Global Defense System - Defend the earth with your orbiting weapon platforms, blasting asteroids to smithereens before they destroy the planet!    

Bloons - Shoot the balloons out of the sky.  

Allied Assault - Allied Assault a space battle. Help the Allied Forces fight the forces of evil to free the world from STING the evil ruler.  

BoxHead More Rooms - Sequel to BoxHead: The Rooms. Very addictive  

Fluxion - Fluxion is fully mouse controlled top down space shooter. Blast enemies to earn credits and upgrade your ship at the end of each level.  

Last Stand - Defend yourself against the attacking zombies.  

Luminara - How long can you survive?  

Bubble Tanks - Grow your bubble tank and conquer your enemies.  

Holy War - Battle your way through enemy territory in this top-down shooter with great story elements.  

Blood Shed - A fascinating rail shooter, pretty hard!  

1945KIII - Very graphics Arcade shooting game.  

Aim & Fire - Shoot the cans that correspond with the icon in the top left hand corner in this fast action shooter.  

Bad Bunny - It's time to teach those cute and fuzzy squirrels a lesson. Zoom in and fire!  

Ninja Air Combat - One of the best online Ninja fighting games around.  

Underwars - The undersea kingdom has been attacked by mutant fish. Your job is to help the sea horse defeat them and save the kingdom.  

School Invaders - Kill the aliens who have invaded your school!  

Western Shootout - Shoot as many badguys as possible.  

Barcode Bedlam - Use your mouse to aim at targets around the room and click to scan the barcodes in this fast paced game.  

Rocket Fighter - Go on missions on the Lost Land of Orain and fight aggressive monsters by shooting them up  

Momentum Missile Mayhem - Defend your cannon at all cost. This time with collision-physics.  

Killer Mckay - It is up to you to rid your territory of all of the enemy by using your wide arsenal of guns.  

Starship 11 - Shoot 'em down ... fly away!  

Battle Garden - How good at shooting are you?  

More Mindless Violence - Shoot the annoying little bugs before they get up on you and kill you. Use weapon upgrades to make sure you can defend their attacks.  

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