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Enjoy these great free shooting games.
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Cat a Pult - Try to hit cute kittens with your slingshot to make them fly into targets...or go splat against the wall.  

Deanimator - It's you against the undead in this H.P. Lovecraft (the author, not the computer manufacturer) inspired shooter.  

Flash Strike - Shoot the baddies with a variety of weapons. If you liked Camper Strike, you'll love Flash Strike!  

The Shield Shooting - Take target practice with the Shield's Vic Mackey on three different shooting ranges.  

Hardboiled Deka - Japanese shooting simulator. Click on the picture of your character to reload your gun.  

Recoil - Guide Recoil the robot in this sidescrolling shooter and hand-to-hand combat game.  

Melt Down - Escape from a doomed planet in your escape pod, blasting everything in your path.  

Matrix Bullet Time Fighting - Perform awesome hand-to-hand bullet time acrobatics against the computer or a friend. There is no spoon!  

Hit the Targets - How many targets can you shoot before time runs out, or you get sick of the banjo music?  

Shooting Target - How many rounds can you put into the target? This is the world's only shooting game that uses ONLY the space bar.  

Wrath 2 - On the sixth day God created man, on the 7th day he realised his mistake.  

Bush Royal Rampage - Join the battle as Bush's campaign breaks into chaos in London!  

ARH Tiger - Guide your ARH Tiger attack helicopter on dangerous missions behind enemy lines.  

Pshoot - Your uncle invited you to visit his laboratory, but it seems that the experiment has gone badly and you have only your gun to protect you!  

Penguin Shoot - Shoot your fellow penguins with fish to get points, but don't shoot the harp seals!  

Jet Duel - It's a dogfight in the classic style, shoot missiles to blast your opponent out of the sky!  

Apocalypse Outpost - Defend your space station from lots and lots of space rocks. Automated missile turrets help a lot!    

Real Space 2 - Defend your convoy of spaceships from an onslaught of evil aliens!    

Divine Intervention - The world has gone to hell - it's up to you to put things right. Side-scrolling shooting game, very challenging!  

Combat Instinct - Space shooter with lots of aliens to blast and a hard-driving sound track.  

Combat Instinct 2 - Good shooter like Time Crisis, but you have to sit through a long and self-indulgent intro sequence before actually getting to play.  

Second Sight eToy - Blast enemies in a warehouse, use the "z" key to zoom in and the "x" key to pick up objects. Promo for the Second Sight video game.  

Air Shooter - Shoot all the enemies planes before they crash into the ground.  

Doomed - A great top-down shooter, similar to the classic arcade game Gauntlet. Very challenging, lots of depth...and death!  

Bugatron - Great space shooter, zap the 3D bugs before they zap you! If you liked Galaga, you'll love Bugatron, which takes things to a whole new level.  

Platypus - Great claymation side scrolling shooting game. Download only, but worth it!  

Gunny Bunny - Amazing first-person 3D shooter. Lots of different weapons and tons of enemies to shoot!  

Rogue Cupid - You're Cupid equipped with a Sniper Love Bow - 'nuff said!  

Mad Cow Company - Brand all of the Mad Cows before they overrun the pasture.  

Trojan Guard Gun Training - Shoot the missiles from your fellow guards, but don't shoot the guards - this is just a training mission!  

Monster Bash - Stomp on various monsters in this 3D environment. Stay away from the tentacle, though!  

Desert Battle - Take out the opposition in the desert from your helicopter. Two kinds of missiles to choose from.  

ALIAS - Have your little robot go on a shooting spree, great action.  

Puki The Swarm - Endless corridors, endless chances to shoot the swarm of cute (but evil) Puki. Who is Puki? Who knows? Just shoot him already before he bites you!  

Kill the Frog - Kill the frog before time runs out!  

James Bunny - It's your mission to get back the carrots stolen from BunnyLand by the dirty stinking Rats out to starve the Bunny Nation.  

Wild Pistol - Get rid of all the bandits!  

Soldier of Pain - Control your brave soldier, in this challenging shooting game.  

Zombie Storm - Protect the defenseless civilians from the attacking zombie horde.  

Lotus vs Apache - Reckon you've got the firepower to destroy a quick-witted Lotus Exige from the cockpit of an Apache helicopter?  

Thing-Thing Arena - Customize your thing-thing and blast away enemies in this fun shooting game.  

Snowman Attack - Defend your snowfort at all costs!  

Vermilion Archetype - Shooting game. 20 upgrades and over 10 missions to survive.  

Snipers - Do you have what it takes to be a sniper?  

Uniwar LC - One of the greatest Space Shooters ever made! Only for people who want a real challenge, which changes the limits of enemies from 20 to 900.  

The Gunsmith - Shoot your way to the secret weapons factories in this side-scrolling shooter game. Jump over the mines and shoot the bad guys.  

Sniper WW II - You are a sniper behind enemy lines in World War II.  

Spec Ops - Use pistols, assault rifles and sniper rifles. Find Bin Laden and kill him. War on Terrorism.  

Space Carrots - Rescue the alien space carrots from the rotatting planet, neutralize hostile aircrafts and cosmic debris. Use up key to thrust, down key to break, z and x to shoot, space to tractor beem and left, right arrow keys to steer.  

Air Invaders - This home is full of all kinds of pollutants and air-borne Baddies. Help Dave destroy the Baddies with his Clean Air Machine before time runs out.  

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