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Enjoy these great free shooting games.
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Second Sight eToy - Blast enemies in a warehouse, use the "z" key to zoom in and the "x" key to pick up objects. Promo for the Second Sight video game.  

Zombie 3 - Zombies are like a virus spreading through your city, drop bombs on them from above to stop them.  

Zombie Survival - On a dark rainy night our hero's truck broke down in the middle of a dense forest! It is believed that this forest is inhabited by the living dead  

Kill Little Bastards - Shoot the elves. Mouse to aim and fire, space to reload. Weapon upgrades via the saucers and parachutes.  

Mad Cow Company - Brand all of the Mad Cows before they overrun the pasture.  

Sky Chopper - Side scrolling shoot'em up helicopter game.  

Blazing Squad - Shoot the targets before they shoot you. You must shoot a certain number of targets in order to proceed to the next level.  

Bush Shootout - Get George Bush locked and loaded with an m-16 and shoot down terrorists invading the white house.  

War Games - Try to kill the other guys before they kill you.    

Fish Shooter - Shoot the meat-eating fish before they eat your catch!  

Asteroid Field - Try to hit as many asteroids as you can as you travel through the asteroid field. Use your mouse to aim and the spacebar to fire.  

Castle Defender - Do not shoot the monks, or you will lose points. When shooting the eval intruders aim for their head, you will earn an extra 5 points.  

Tuer Tuer Tuer - Choose a weapon and shoot everything that runs, ducks or crawls, leave no prisoners. Kill as many people as possible before the time runs out. Every successfull attack gives you extra time on the clock.  

Urban Wizard - another shoot'em up game from the friendly people at GOG.  

Trap Shoot - PULL!!! Go on and shoot those clay pigeons. It's a very funny game.  

Air defence 3 - Protect your base and build up you military forces.  

Sky Defender - Shoot the planes, UFOs, jets and missiles out of the sky! Features 3 levels and 3 bosses.  

GunRun - Run and gun in this awesome shooting spree!  

Crazy Castle - Use all sorts of crazy weapons to keep the monsters out of your castle!  

Barry Potter - Sick and tired of Harry Potter? Now's your chance to do something about it!  

Naval Gun - Shoot'em up war game, take out the enemy planes before they dive bomb you.  

Flash Crisis - Just like the classic arcade game Time Crisis, Shoot them before they shoot you. Includes power ups and multiple stages.  

Metal Wrath - Jump into your super charged fighter and launch a full scale strike against the evil robot fleet. Yeah!  

Turkey Shot - Try and defeat all the turkeys coming at you, it gets harder and harder!  

Elf Zapper - It's Christmas and the evil green Elves have taken over Santa's workshop! Shoot the green ones and last as long as you can!  

Tactical Assassin - Take on the role of a deadly sniper and skillfully assassinate your targets.  

The Shootout - As a member of the Philadelphia Counter-Terrorism Unit, you are thrown into a shootout between yourself and the bad guys.  

Trojan Guard Gun Training - Shoot the missiles from your fellow guards, but don't shoot the guards - this is just a training mission!  

The Shield Shooting - Take target practice with the Shield's Vic Mackey on three different shooting ranges.  

Hardboiled Deka - Japanese shooting simulator. Click on the picture of your character to reload your gun.  

War on Iraq - Mass slaughter of everyone in sight.  

Raiden X - A classic shoot-em-up game, very well done.  

Killer Cheeto - side scrolling shootem up game with a cheeto theme. Amusing.  

Even Dead Men Die - Shoot zombies before they spit green goo all over you. Based on some movie from the UK.  

The Professionals - You are one of the Professionals, an elite group of assassins who kill only moving paper targets.  

Stick Shootout - The aim of the game is to avoid getting killed by shooting your enemies and the hurled objects.  

Project X - Your a hot chick with a big gun so what's to do? Go blast baddies to pieces of course!  

Earth Defender - Shoot the planes and bombs before they blow up the earth.  

Heli Attack 2 - Shoot down some helicopters, then shoot down some more! Fun graphics and easy gameplay make this a good timewaster.  

Recoil - Guide Recoil the robot in this sidescrolling shooter and hand-to-hand combat game.  

Melt Down - Escape from a doomed planet in your escape pod, blasting everything in your path.  

Matrix Bullet Time Fighting - Perform awesome hand-to-hand bullet time acrobatics against the computer or a friend. There is no spoon!  

Hit the Targets - How many targets can you shoot before time runs out, or you get sick of the banjo music?  

Wrath 2 - On the sixth day God created man, on the 7th day he realised his mistake.  

Bush Royal Rampage - Join the battle as Bush's campaign breaks into chaos in London!  

Antaris Real Space - Defend your fleet from an onslaught of asteroids. Missile Command meets Asteroids!    

Doomed - A great top-down shooter, similar to the classic arcade game Gauntlet. Very challenging, lots of depth...and death!  

Bugatron - Great space shooter, zap the 3D bugs before they zap you! If you liked Galaga, you'll love Bugatron, which takes things to a whole new level.  

Platypus - Great claymation side scrolling shooting game. Download only, but worth it!  

Combat Instinct 3 - Awesome 3D shooting action with 4 complete stages.  

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