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Enjoy these great free shooting games.
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Frogpond - The aim of frogpond is to raise up local frogponds population by assisting them in their daily lives.  

Bombs Away - A fun shooting game where you take up the role of a seagul.  

The Gunsmith - Shoot your way to the secret weapons factories in this side-scrolling shooter game. Jump over the mines and shoot the bad guys.  

Kill the Frog - Kill the frog before time runs out!  

James Bunny - It's your mission to get back the carrots stolen from BunnyLand by the dirty stinking Rats out to starve the Bunny Nation.  

Vermilion Archetype - Shooting game. 20 upgrades and over 10 missions to survive.  

Thing-Thing Arena - Customize your thing-thing and blast away enemies in this fun shooting game.  

Final Defense - Final defense is a fast paced game where you must protect your base from the hoards of invading enemies. Upgrade your weapons for supreme firepower.  

Reysteroids - Fly around your ship, piloting through asteroid fields and shooting down rocks with your lasers.  

Moment Zero - Japanese space shooter with great sound effects and cool graphics.  

Deanimator - It's you against the undead in this H.P. Lovecraft (the author, not the computer manufacturer) inspired shooter.  

Mad Cow Company - Brand all of the Mad Cows before they overrun the pasture.  

Trojan Guard Gun Training - Shoot the missiles from your fellow guards, but don't shoot the guards - this is just a training mission!  

Zombie 4 - Blastify the zombies before they zombify all your civilians.  

Zombie Survival - On a dark rainy night our hero's truck broke down in the middle of a dense forest! It is believed that this forest is inhabited by the living dead  

Kill Little Bastards - Shoot the elves. Mouse to aim and fire, space to reload. Weapon upgrades via the saucers and parachutes.  

Strande - Shoot all the enemies before they get you.  

Uncle Sam - Awesome missile shooter, take out the aliens who abducted your livestock!  

Melt Down - Escape from a doomed planet in your escape pod, blasting everything in your path.  

Radical Aces - Good first-person fighter pilot game. Takes a while to load, and controls are difficult to learn, but good gameplay if you like this genre.  

Apocalypse Outpost - Defend your space station from lots and lots of space rocks. Automated missile turrets help a lot!    

Antaris Real Space - Defend your fleet from an onslaught of asteroids. Missile Command meets Asteroids!    

Camper Strike - Great shooter, featuring zoom mode and manual reloading. Go for the head shot!    

Zombie Squirrel Attack - Shoot zombie rodents before they eat your brain. Allows you to manually reload, and duck-and-cover.  

Doomed - A great top-down shooter, similar to the classic arcade game Gauntlet. Very challenging, lots of depth...and death!  

Cutie Quake - Shoot ridiculously cute creatures in this Quake-themed shooter.  

Cat a Pult 3D - 3D version of the Cat A Pult game, try to whack 3D kittens with your 3D slingshot.  

Combat Instinct 3 - Awesome 3D shooting action with 4 complete stages.  

Alien Terminator - Bomb giant mutant bugs from orbit with your missile-equipped satellite.  

Hit the Targets - How many targets can you shoot before time runs out, or you get sick of the banjo music?  

Shooting Target - How many rounds can you put into the target? This is the world's only shooting game that uses ONLY the space bar.  

ARH Tiger - Guide your ARH Tiger attack helicopter on dangerous missions behind enemy lines.  

Pshoot - Your uncle invited you to visit his laboratory, but it seems that the experiment has gone badly and you have only your gun to protect you!  

Penguin Shoot - Shoot your fellow penguins with fish to get points, but don't shoot the harp seals!  

Jet Duel - It's a dogfight in the classic style, shoot missiles to blast your opponent out of the sky!  

Armed Invasion - Defend your country from an Armed Invasion!  

Stickman Shootout - The ultimate stick-man shootout!  

Truth Battle - Destroy enemy forces on foot. If you can't, get in a tank!  

Munch Madness 1.5 - First Person Shooter meets Pac-Man. Eat all of the cookies and kill as many Trolls as you can before proceeding to the next Sector.  

Power Copter - Destroy enemies from the future!  

Rapid Fire 2 - Highly addictive shooter gets better!  

Snap Attack - Work out some aggression on these office of nitwits and snap them with your super-snap rubber bands!  

Agent K - Acculumate points by shooting the moving targets with accuracy and speed. Targets and be shot multiple times.  

Death Point - Death Point is a shooter game where you will encounter many different bad guys that aren't from this world. Beat One level to unlock the next.  

Bubble Tanks - Grow your bubble tank and conquer your enemies.  

Allied Assault - Allied Assault a space battle. Help the Allied Forces fight the forces of evil to free the world from STING the evil ruler.  

Red - Keep the falling balls from hitting your base. Use the mouse to aim. Click to shoot small bullets and press the space bar to shoot larger bullets.  

A Parting Shot 2 - Play as a lone archer fighting to rescue his Gwen. Fight through multiple levels and battle a mighty giant to reach her.  

Barcode Bedlam - Use your mouse to aim at targets around the room and click to scan the barcodes in this fast paced game.  

Rocket Fighter - Go on missions on the Lost Land of Orain and fight aggressive monsters by shooting them up  

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