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Enjoy these great free shooting games.
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James Bunny - It's your mission to get back the carrots stolen from BunnyLand by the dirty stinking Rats out to starve the Bunny Nation.  

Wild Pistol - Get rid of all the bandits!  

Soldier of Pain - Control your brave soldier, in this challenging shooting game.  

Zombie Storm - Protect the defenseless civilians from the attacking zombie horde.  

Dead Eye - Shoot the center of the target!  

Dry Fire - Shoot down anything that comes close to you.  

Flash Crisis - Just like the classic arcade game Time Crisis, Shoot them before they shoot you. Includes power ups and multiple stages.  

The Shootout - As a member of the Philadelphia Counter-Terrorism Unit, you are thrown into a shootout between yourself and the bad guys.  

Super Soldier - Blast the enemies and capture the flags in this great action shooting game. You are a super soldier capable of shooting your bubble gun and more!  

Simpsons Shooter - Blow away the colourful cast of the Simpsons in this fun shooting game. Now you have the chance to kill Ned Flanders!  

3D Shooter - Shoot down the targets with your rifle before time runs out.  

Robobug Blaster - Protect the boxes from the hungry robobugs. You are RobobugBlaster, so use your trusty blaster to pwn those bugs.  

Mars Hopper - Alien shooting game with a global high score board.  

Asteroid Field - Try to hit as many asteroids as you can as you travel through the asteroid field. Use your mouse to aim and the spacebar to fire.  

Castle Defender - Do not shoot the monks, or you will lose points. When shooting the eval intruders aim for their head, you will earn an extra 5 points.  

Tuer Tuer Tuer - Choose a weapon and shoot everything that runs, ducks or crawls, leave no prisoners. Kill as many people as possible before the time runs out. Every successfull attack gives you extra time on the clock.  

Urban Wizard - another shoot'em up game from the friendly people at GOG.  

StickMan Sam - Part 3 - Help Sam find the cheese and return safely! If you played any of the previous parts: erase your memory of the controls NOW or you may be confused. Or not.  

Doomrunner - Fantastic "shoot-em-up" space game! At first it is easy but wait until you reach level 20 (if you can!) and it is getting really tough!  

Damnation: DooM Game e1m1 - Shoot down the hords of demons in this classic PC Doom remake!  

Uniwar LC - One of the greatest Space Shooters ever made! Only for people who want a real challenge, which changes the limits of enemies from 20 to 900.  

Toon Crisis - The toons are out of control! Stroll down the streets of London as you blast the baddies while listening to cool tunes on your new Walkman.  

Ammo Ambush - It's you against an entire army. Good thing the army can't hit the broad side of a barn! Also good that you have an awesome arsenal of weapons.  

Final Defense - Final defense is a fast paced game where you must protect your base from the hoards of invading enemies. Upgrade your weapons for supreme firepower.  

Capture the Newbies - Capture the Newbies is a kid-friendly 3D first-person shooter featuring Nicktoons characters.  

Reysteroids - Fly around your ship, piloting through asteroid fields and shooting down rocks with your lasers.  

Zynex - Infiltrate the office building, shoot enemies with your AK-47 then blow them up with your grenades.  

Thing-Thing Arena - Customize your thing-thing and blast away enemies in this fun shooting game.  

Sea Assault Game - Save Your Ship from the enemy Helicopters and Submarines.  

Rapid Fire - Hit the targets. Aim for the bullseye for bonus points.  

Overkill Apache - Blow stuff up in your Apache helicopter. Lots and lots of stuff. Don't forget to secure those powerups so you can blow up even more stuff!  

B.L.A.C.K. - Shoot your way through multiple levels of enemies. Each level is a puzzle, select the right weapon for the job.  

Enkai - In the Manako Galaxy the Osiris System has been taken over by a rogue Allaince. It's up to you, the Galactic Federation's best pilot, to take them all out!    

Bombs Away - A fun shooting game where you take up the role of a seagul.  

Ammo Ambush 2 - You are a top secret service agent deep in enemy territory. Clear the area of enemies and escape to your evac chopper. That's an order!    

Fish Snipe - Shoot as many fish as possible before your oxygen runs out. Watch out for the elusive bonus fish for extra points.  

Deadly Dwarves - Load up your shooter and kill all of the evil dwarfs before they kill you!  

Frogpond - The aim of frogpond is to raise up local frogponds population by assisting them in their daily lives.  

Drakojan Skies 1 - Jump into your high tech fighter and blast your way through hordes of enemy ships!  

Drakojan Skies 2 - Blast into the skies at high velocity and shoot down the enemy forces!  

Stickman Shootout - The ultimate stick-man shootout!  

Turbo Tester - This is like a shooting game, but using cars instead of bullets, you must send cars up ramps to score mega points.  

Red Plane - Kickass aerial shoot em up. Fly your plane to victory!  

Jungle Defender - Shoot the monkeys with a variety of fruit weapons before they can destroy the hut.  

Truth Battle - Destroy enemy forces on foot. If you can't, get in a tank!  

Munch Madness 1.5 - First Person Shooter meets Pac-Man. Eat all of the cookies and kill as many Trolls as you can before proceeding to the next Sector.  

Drakojan Skies 3 - High powered side scrolling blast em up!  

Flash Point - Help save your friend by using your gun in a variety of mini-games!  

Alien Invasion 2 - High speed 3D shooter. If more than 50 aliens get past you lose!  

Air defence 3 - Protect your base and build up you military forces.  

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