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Enjoy these great free shooting games.
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AsterBlast - Blast tons of space debris and loads of baddies in this high intensity space shooter.  

Drakojan Skies 3 - High powered side scrolling blast em up!  

Flash Point - Help save your friend by using your gun in a variety of mini-games!  

Police Sniper - You are a police sniper, take out all the heavily armed bad guys to save the day.  

Turbo Tester - This is like a shooting game, but using cars instead of bullets, you must send cars up ramps to score mega points.  

Deadly Dwarves - Load up your shooter and kill all of the evil dwarfs before they kill you!  

Ammo Ambush 2 - You are a top secret service agent deep in enemy territory. Clear the area of enemies and escape to your evac chopper. That's an order!    

Enkai - In the Manako Galaxy the Osiris System has been taken over by a rogue Allaince. It's up to you, the Galactic Federation's best pilot, to take them all out!    

Jungle Defender - Shoot the monkeys with a variety of fruit weapons before they can destroy the hut.  

Soldier of Pain - Control your brave soldier, in this challenging shooting game.  

Final Defense - Final defense is a fast paced game where you must protect your base from the hoards of invading enemies. Upgrade your weapons for supreme firepower.  

Lotus vs Apache - Reckon you've got the firepower to destroy a quick-witted Lotus Exige from the cockpit of an Apache helicopter?  

Thing-Thing Arena - Customize your thing-thing and blast away enemies in this fun shooting game.  

Sea Assault Game - Save Your Ship from the enemy Helicopters and Submarines.  

Poop Shoot - The humans have taken over your beach. Show them who is boss by pooping on them.  

Overkill Apache - Blow stuff up in your Apache helicopter. Lots and lots of stuff. Don't forget to secure those powerups so you can blow up even more stuff!  

B.L.A.C.K. - Shoot your way through multiple levels of enemies. Each level is a puzzle, select the right weapon for the job.  

Zombie Erik - Hardcore zombie blasting action!  

Zynex - Infiltrate the office building, shoot enemies with your AK-47 then blow them up with your grenades.  

-ReBound- - A first person target practice shooter! Complete with 5 fun and challenging levels and a highscore board!  

Happy and Smile - Shoot and kill the bank robbers.  

DHC Bottle Blaster 4 - Shooting action has a new level of intensity. 75 levels!  

Naval Gun - Shoot'em up war game, take out the enemy planes before they dive bomb you.  

Flash Crisis - Just like the classic arcade game Time Crisis, Shoot them before they shoot you. Includes power ups and multiple stages.  

Metal Wrath - Jump into your super charged fighter and launch a full scale strike against the evil robot fleet. Yeah!  

Turkey Shot - Try and defeat all the turkeys coming at you, it gets harder and harder!  

Elf Zapper - It's Christmas and the evil green Elves have taken over Santa's workshop! Shoot the green ones and last as long as you can!  

Tactical Assassin - Take on the role of a deadly sniper and skillfully assassinate your targets.  

The Shootout - As a member of the Philadelphia Counter-Terrorism Unit, you are thrown into a shootout between yourself and the bad guys.  

Super Soldier - Blast the enemies and capture the flags in this great action shooting game. You are a super soldier capable of shooting your bubble gun and more!  

James Bunny - It's your mission to get back the carrots stolen from BunnyLand by the dirty stinking Rats out to starve the Bunny Nation.  

Dead Eye - Shoot the center of the target!  

Dry Fire - Shoot down anything that comes close to you.  

Drakojan Skies Acolytes - No more missions. This time the fight is for real. The continuing saga of the Drakojan series.  

Snowman Attack - Defend your snowfort at all costs!  

Vermilion Archetype - Shooting game. 20 upgrades and over 10 missions to survive.  

Doomrunner - Fantastic "shoot-em-up" space game! At first it is easy but wait until you reach level 20 (if you can!) and it is getting really tough!  

Space Carrots - Rescue the alien space carrots from the rotatting planet, neutralize hostile aircrafts and cosmic debris. Use up key to thrust, down key to break, z and x to shoot, space to tractor beem and left, right arrow keys to steer.  

Air Invaders - This home is full of all kinds of pollutants and air-borne Baddies. Help Dave destroy the Baddies with his Clean Air Machine before time runs out.  

Sniper WW II - You are a sniper behind enemy lines in World War II.  

Desert Battle - Take out the opposition in the desert from your helicopter. Two kinds of missiles to choose from.  

ALIAS - Have your little robot go on a shooting spree, great action.  

Puki The Swarm - Endless corridors, endless chances to shoot the swarm of cute (but evil) Puki. Who is Puki? Who knows? Just shoot him already before he bites you!  

Moment Zero - Japanese space shooter with great sound effects and cool graphics.  

Onslaught - Great new game concept, defend your castle against hordes of monsters with your bow and arrow. Features a two-player mode as well!  

Air Shooter - Shoot all the enemies planes before they crash into the ground.  

Matrix Bullet Time Fighting - Perform awesome hand-to-hand bullet time acrobatics against the computer or a friend. There is no spoon!  

Bloody Day - Shoot people with three different weapons, and target individual parts of the body!    

Alien Terminator - Bomb giant mutant bugs from orbit with your missile-equipped satellite.  

Robotube Gunslinger - A realistic bedroom shootout with great graphics. Who are these guys? Who cares?  

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